Interfacing to Furuno NavNet MFDs

Furuno MFD8

There have been 4 generations of Furuno NavNet Multifunction Display units and all models feature one or more NMEA0183 ports that can be connected to our Sonar Server.

With so many different models, which are often installed in large networked systems, it is difficult to give a general purpose wiring diagram and we recommend you contact your local Furuno dealer for more information. However, any NMEA0183 Output port can be configured to output the DPT depth message and GPS position messages that the Navionics App requires (at 4800 baud).

It should be noted that Furuno refer to their NMEA0183 Outputs as TD (Transmit Data) and use “H” and “C” to denote the signal polarity where H = “Hot” (+ve) and C = “Cold” (-ve). Also all of the NavNet units have a menu for selecting which NMEA0183 Sentences are output, so make sure the Depth and GPS sentences are turned on for the Port you are using.


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