List of SonarServer Compatible Fish Finders and Multifunction Displays

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There are many Fish Finders and Multifunction Displays That are Compatible with the Digital Yacht Sonar server and we have compiled a list of the most popular current and legacy models from the major manufacturers. To download the latest version of the list please click here.

This list is for guidance only and Although care has been taken to make the list as accurate as Possible, It Should not Be 100% relied upon as manufacturers Change Their specifications, features are added / removed with new software releases, installations may not be fully interfaced together, etc.

Most chart plotter thathave a built-in sounder or That are networked to a black box sounder module or depth instrument, Should be able to output Depth and GPS data to the Navionics App. Some of the units listed do not output the NMEA0183 data by default and some menu Configuration May Be Necessary, please check the product’s User Manual for more information.

Many new units have Both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 interfaces and a few of the latest units only have NMEA2000. These units have “Optional NMEA0183 Converter Required” written in the notes column. We do not currently produce at NMEA2000 version of the Sonar server, but our NavLink wireless NMEA2000 server has been tested with Navionics charts Sonar “Live” and it works very well. Please click here for more details on our NavLink product.

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