Interfacing to Humminbird 700, 800, 900 and 1100 Series

Humminbird-700-800-900-1100 Series

Not all Humminbird products have an NMEA0183 Output suitable for connecting our Sonar Server to, but the 700, 800, 900 and 1100 series all have an NMEA0183 output that transmits Depth and GPS data. Also some of the other Fish Finders with an internal GPS also have an NMEA0183 Output such as the 161, 363 and 383c Combo units.

You will need the optional AS-HHGPS Cable Kit  (P/No. 700030-1) that connects to the rear of the unit.

Click here for a wiring diagram showing how to connect our Sonar Server to the AS-HHGPS cable.

Make sure that the NMEA Output is set to ON in the Advanced Setup menu of the Humminbird unit.


  1. Will this unit just allow me to connect wireless to my Humminbird 798ci si unit with my android smart phone and just see on my phone what is on the screen of my 798 unit without the use of Navionics sonar live.
    As i have a large vessel i want to wireless what my 798 is showing on screen to my smart phone when i leave the helm to fish.

    • Hi Deano,

      I am afraid that Sonar Server just passes digital Depth and GPS data to the Navionics App running on an Android phone and it does not pass complete screen displays. This would be a neat feature but it would need further development by Humminbird and probably a Wi-Fi adaptor inside the fish finder to provide this type of function.

      Best regards
      PAUL (Digital Yacht)

  2. I have two Humminbird1198c SI Combo units and a 360 bow mount that are all liked with a ​5 port Ethernet switch (2 ports are still available). One unit is mounted on the bow (transducer on the trolling motor) with it’s own GPS receiver close to it and the other unit is mounted on the driver’s console with it’s GPS receiver mounted near the transom mounted transducer. Both units have Navionics Map/Chips installed. What would be my best method of connecting a Sonic Server to facilitate use of my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. My goals are to use the phone to mark spots when fishing from my friends boat and for use as a primary map when fishing for crappie with the front transducers turned of as I believe the pings spook crappie when tightlining for them.

    • Hi Roger,
      You could connect our Sonar Server to either unit as both have an NMEA0183 output but bearing in mind what you said about “spooking the crappie” I would recommend connecting it to the NMEA Output of the stern unit, which will be ON all of the time. You will need to connect our Sonar Server to the optional AS-HHGPS Cable Kit (P/No. 700030-1) that Humminbird sell and remember to turn on the NMEA0183 Output which is in the Advanced Setup Menu of the Humminbird units.
      Happy fishing
      PAUL (Digital Yacht)

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